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December 21, 1927.

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Maricopa, Ariz.

Dec. 21, 1927

Dear Alice,

Your book + letter came today + I am delighted with the book + your letter + medicine were sure good to look at the package or little envelope was empty + the medicine or tablets were in some cotton between 2 bottles + it looked awful queer to me to see an empty envelope + its all queer to me.

Be sure to tell Alice that I rec'd her XMas package all smashed + torn to pieces + nothing in it + it all looks strange to me to see how things are torn to pieces at this Maricopa P. Office. I am going to Phoenix tomorrow Dec. 22nd _ will send this letter from Phoenix but even in Phoenix, the P.M. there is a friend of the Rowlands + Deals _ If you want to be sure I get any letter if you send anything in it better send it Registered Letter + write outside return Receipt Requested.

I wrote from Maricopa to Little Alice on Dec 19th telling her about it + want to find out if she got my letter. Also sent from Casa Granda to John a small pkt + tomorrow will send Alice a triffle.

On 19th visit the P.M. at Mcpa is a Justice of the Peace + he made out a chattle mortgage, but I was too quick for them and so didn't give them back the promising not which they wanted to get away from m.

I would die if I came east in the dead of winter as the overlanders tell us the cold is frightful, but thought when spring came + the floods went by I'd try to come east in my old Chevrolet as far as it would take me.

The horse book is beautiful and I thank you so much for it. I shall spend lots of pleasant time reading it. I never rec'd any 2nd class matter, yet from you, I do hope I can get the Country Gentleman as it is awful good.

We think it's awful cold here when we see a "look of ice" so we say to each other. Terrible cold, isn't it, wonder how the folks back east are fairing + once in a while, a car or a train will have a little snow on the top of it + we say My! My! look at that will, Wow someones catching H ---. Well I wonder how John is standing the cold now.

If I come east next spring, I don't intent to mention it to any one here as there might be an accident happen + I even want to change my license too. Today or tonight the train from Phoenix left at 11 o'clock + then it was put off till 2 o'clock then till 4"15 o'clock + that makes me stay up all night + I have the rheumatism in my feet too + it's going to be a deuce of a day up there for me.

I just wish I could tell you how Rowland Bros are interfering with R.R. business.

Smith is the agent + he pays all the section men off + when he gets an order to not pay a certain mex he don't.

There was a mex came from Mobile to get his checks + Smith wouldn't pay the Mex had run a larger store bill than his check, and the Mexican had no one to identify him.

The Section Foreman told every one at the Mcpa that Smith ought to be smoked that is the Mcpa section foreman because he said.

Lewis Rowland + Bud Rowland(constable) told him so _ Smith says pretty soon the S. P. will revoke their permit to sell on the Right of way, they had something to do with wreck not so long ago. 10 miles east of Mcpa. And the lawyers found it out. Well I'll go + lay down some more until 4 a.m. + then get my train. If I don't fall asleep.

I have something for you + Alice + Frank but they will come slowly.

Your loving Sister, Marcella

Tell Alice will you

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