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December 15, 1942

Dear Esther,

I received your letter yesterday and was very glad to hear from you. tell for the truth it was about the longest letter I have ever received. So you see you have scored a record with me.

I haven't heard from David since I left Salt Lake City., but I know he is doing fine.

Tony + I correspond regularly and he mentioned in his last letter that he enlisted for foreign service. If you haven't heard of it please don't tell him that I told you, please.

I'm sorry, or should I say glad, that I'm not from Martin Creek. I am from Wind Gap. There is a family from there by that name but we are not related. I was home at the time of the blast, and it sure was bad.

However the truck driver that was killed was my brother Albert's girl, sister husband. I hope you can forgive that one -- rather complicated, isn't it?

I must say that small picture was very nice. All the boys commented upon the picture, and we can't wait to get that big one. To me you are rather a cute girl with rather a, shall I say, nice shape, ha, ha. I know I'm no drawer, but I hope you know what I mean.

It's very funny I don't know you because Chips and I traveled around together at times. He only lives about a block away and many times when I strolled in back of the house I would see him back there with a rifle shooting targets + birds.

When you write to him again ask him about the times he + I would hunt together. Also ask him about the times he shot a deer out of season, and the next morning some man found it back of his barn. He will love to hear about it.

Our band is still forming, getting men every day. Soon we will have a full band of 28 men. Saturday we have our first parade. I hope everything works out okay.

Just where do you live in Stockertown? I know that town pretty well, and if you tell me I don't think I will have difficulty placing it.

I used to be Wind Gap's Baseball Team's mascot. The reason I say that is because I never forget I left the balls + bats + catchers equipment down there. The next time we went to look for them they were gone, and I was almost fired. That happened about 7 years ago. And we played on the old field, you know where I mean I hope.

Do you know a girl by the name of Joy Sables? I knew her a long time ago, when she used to come to dances. I don't know very many people in Stockertown, all I know is that your cop caught me for speeding there at the blinker and I had to pay the fine. From there on I gain the impression of the town, but you don't blame me do you? After all I had a good reason.

I'm sorry I can't send you a snapshot of myself but honestly I haven't any. You see we are not allowed to have any cameras on the Base. The reason being we have America's biggest and best bombers on the base, and they don't want any information given out of any kind. And then we can't even take pictures in town. I'll tell you why. They don't have any films, and films government controlled, and they won't be able to get them until after the holidays That may sound silly but its true (dear!). Oops, I forgot myself. Sorry, or don't you care? If you don't I don't.

The weather here is amazing. It is not cold, and we haven't had any snow. However it is very muddy and that sure is a big problem trying to keep things clean. They tell me that their real winter season starts in January, and when it comes it makes up for lost times. But don't worry. I'm prepared for it, a solider is given all the equipment he needs + plenty of clothing for all types of climate.

Dd you ever hear of Sun Valley? Well we're not very far from there, but I heard some bad news that place yesterday. They closed down, because of lack of employment. Its too bad because I wanted to visit that place in the near future.

Well, I guess I've said enough and believe me I can't believe I wrote so much. It's about a book.

Again I wish you the Seasons Greetings and the bets of luck.

Your Friend,


P.S. Please excuse the writing because I'm not used to writing on a bed.

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