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December 15, 1912.

My Very Own Dear Girlie:

I am so tired and sleepy (as usual) that I am afraid this will not be much of a letter.

But Dearest only five more days and I will be able to hold you in my arms and tell you all about it. How I wish to morrow was Saturday.

I had my work in fine shape last Wednesday and intended to write you that night, and who do you suppose came in on the evening train? None other than the Bank Examiner, so the week got busy for me. I have been to busy since to write.

Thursday night little Margaret pulled the cord that holds her arm in place of her collar bone and let her arm drop down, she was in awful pain until the Doctor got it back in place and her arm set. She seems to be alright now for she uses her arm as tho nothing had ever happened to it.

She has all so got blood poison in one of her fingers, but that is getting along nicely, the poor little thing is sure having hard luck. And Bertha is having her share to she had a sore on the side of her face and her cheek was all swollen up, she could hardly eat.

Well I have told you all of our family troubles, I suppose I had better write you a letter.

Oh how impatient I am for Saturday to come.

I wonder if you will be as glad to be home as I will be to have you here. I just can’t wait.

Oh Darling how I long to have you safe in my arms again and feel yours around my neck. How I long to look in your Dear eyes. Oh how I hope I can make you happy while you are here so you will not be sorry you came.

I know I will be happy because just to have you near makes me happy, that is if you are happy to.

I hope Dear one that you should not have much trouble with getting your tooth fixed. It is lots better to have them fixed now because it would not hurt much and would not be as expensive as to let them go a while longer like I did.

Dearest I am so happy I can hardly write, so must stop.

I don’t think I will have time to write again be fore you get there for I have so much work to do next week. But my very own I am waiting with a bounding heart for the train that wil bring to me the best and most precious Girlie in the whole world.

A heart full of love Dear one for you.

My own don’t work to hard and be very careful of your Dear self for my sake.

Your loving Boykins,


Feel these Goodnight kisses Dear one, kisses given with oh so much Love

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