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December 13, 1913.

Dear Harriet: -

I want to apologize for asking you at such a late hour last night.

You see I found out that a friend I had asked couldn’t go, so I thought if you could go it would be just fine, and that if you couldn’t it would be alright too because you know you told me once you would be my sister.

I have been to so many dances this fall and I have wondered if I couldn’t get you to go with me to one sometime.

So you mustn’t be surprised if your brother asks you to go to a nice dance after Xmas, will you?

I went up alone and several of the boys gave me dances so it could have been worse.

It was just a dandy dance and we would have have had a fine time, wouldn’t we?

You notice the girl I danced the tenth and thirteenth with? She is from Winona H.S. and when I asked her if she knew Irving she said she did and that “Irving was always such a quiet boy.” I told her he had changed considerable.

Well I would be awfully glad to hear from you during the Holidays.

I must close now and study truth for awhile.

Be sure and have a dandy find time, while you are home.


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