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"Dearest Sister"


March 10th

Dearest Sister:

We loved your letter about Bill’s latest question. I’ve read it to all the girls and am mailing it to Auntie.

The house cot is adorable and fits perfectly. I only have to put a small hem in it. Thank you worlds – you shouldn’t have bought it tho. ‘Cause you have so much on your hands already. It looks so bridey and I’ll probably live in it.

I didn’t mean for you to write those people. I had written that by their names ‘cause they weren’t at the parties and sent presents. I’ve written to all of them.

Dale is getting to be quite a celebrity.

Ada + Maxine’s party was so nice. Eight of us (Lou, Anna, Helen, Ada, Maxine, Ella, Liz, Arabella Miner and I) went to the Azteca in Butte for a Mexican dinner. They (Ada + Mae) gave me two butter spreaders.

Etta’s luncheon for me yesterday was lovely. Ella is so smart. She had 8 of us Anna, Glen, Ada, Martha, Arabella, Dorothy Lynch, Celeste, Ella, + me. Liz was in Ft. Worth. Ella, John + the Montgomerys gave me two soup spoons.

Two weeks from today we should all be together. It’s too wonderful to believe.

Have to run now – love + kisses for you + the Bills.


I’ve had WM’s rain coat for a week. It’s wrapped so I’ll mail it tomorrow.

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