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August 7, 1918.

Dearest Mama will write you a few lines to let you know I am well and feeling fine. Why don’t you all write. I haven’t gotten a letter from you for over a week no except Veta I get her letter but that was what is the matter. I have been writing twice a week. I hope I will get to go abroad before long for I shor want to go. How is every body at Hope. I guess it is better now since the rain. No I don’t need a piller. We have hammocks to sleep in and I like them fine. Haven’t got a letter from Rex in a good while I don’t know what is the matter I can’t get any mail.

How is my horse getting along are have papa sold him. I haven’t got much money. I haven’t drawed but $16 since I have been where. When I do get paid I ought to get a write smart. When does some of the other boys get to leave I guess it won’t be long. Regan and Cody is still here, I think Cody don’t like it very much. Tell Veta I was glad to get her letter for it was the first one I have got in a long time. Veta be good and write often for I shore like to read your letters. Well Mama and Papa, I am glad I am helping my country and I know you all are proud of it. And I know you all are proud to know I was ready to help my country without being drafted. I want to get my part of them Germans, I would like to be over there write now so I could be getting them now. Well Mama I wont do my thing I would be ashamed for you to know. I will send you some more of my pictures when I get them made. I want to get some good ones and have some big ones made so you can keep them.

Well guess I had better rang off for this time for I don’t know my thang to write. Well answer as soon as you can and write often for I want to hear from you. Well good by, your loving Son.

A.N. Green

U.S. Naval Training camp

Mary Island


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