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August 30, 1918.

Dearest mama received your letter yesterday was glad to get it. I am well and hope this will find you all the same. I guess papa has been pretty busy at work hasn’t he. We don’t have much work to do here. But we shore go get the drilling. We drill about 8 hours a day. Have you all heard from Rex any more yet. And have they moved him. And where to. Wonder if For is still with him. Yes I got the pictures you sent me. And was glad to get them. It was nice to make a service flag to hang up in the church to represent us boys. It is nice enough here but Oh my there is no place like home, for me.

What is Zelma and Veda doing. I guess they are having a good time. When will they start to school. I guess Zelma can get the car now as I am not there to youse it. As she said I had it all of the time. Have you got my Insurance papers yet. I took out $10,000 and had it made out to you. You ought to have it for I mark it out when I first got here. I don’t know but I believe I will take out a lot more for $15 a month. That away I can send some money home every month. And you can keep it for me. And youse it if you need it. If I take out $15 you would get $30 a month, for the government sends a dollar for every one you send. Well I must close for this time tell papa and the girls hello for me. Write soon and often.

Your loving son,

Alfred N. Green

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