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August 3, 1914.

Dear Darling M. Girl,

Have I been lonesome for you? Oh promise if you only knew I long for you so I can’t sleep nights, I lay awake think how happy we are going to be.

Darling I am glad to hear you have been down home. Dear Mamma how I would like to see her, how are they all and does mamma look well, little Margaret, I bet has grown so that I wouldn’t know her. Just think dear it is over seven months since I left home. My how I would like to go home and see them and you.

Sat. afternoon two boys, that each have a canoe and a whole camping outfit. Mr. Schowlz and I went up the Minn. river and camped out over Sat. night and got back Sunday night about 10 o’clock. We had a fine time and the outing did me a lot of good. I have been able to sleep since I got back in fact I can’t get enough sleep.

Wilbur called makeup last night and he says they are all well, but Ella is very lonesome for you, if she is only half as lonesome for you as I am, I know she must awful awful lonesome.

Oh sweetheart I could only see for just a little while right now.

The printing paper you want dear is regular velvet Velox, don’t take the Special Velox for the Regular is the best.

I have been very busy at the office dear and am working very hard, I don’t know what makes me so tired when I get thru at night, but I haven’t enough ambition to even sit up after a days work down down there.

I lay part of it to the meals I get, gee how I would like some good home cooking, like I will be getting very soon.

Oh precious how I wish you were my cook right now, it won’t be long dear before you will be bored half to death figuring out what to get your old man to eat next, poor Girlie you will have an awful time.

Stanley isn’t to be married until the tenth of this month dear, he is some what busy right now, he says he doesn’t have time to eat lunch any more.

I hope to be home soon, dear for a day or two but I can’t tell yet just when.

What does mamma have to say how I would like a nice long talk with her, just one look into her dear eyes and I would know all that she would like to tell but I can’t find words for.

If you only knew her like I do you could read her mind like I do.

Dear Darling Girl how are you don’t work to hard sweetheart for you will have lots of time after we are married.

Sat. when I washed the dishes for us four boys I thought how few dishes there will be for only two, you and I. I hope next summer dear that you and I can take a canoe and a camp outfit and go up the Minn. and camp out, but I suppose we will in some little town putting away money for a little home table but own precious home. It will mean lots of hard work for both of us, but if we go throu it with the love we now have for each other we will be the happier for it.

Oh precious I am anxious to start but it will be as hard for you, all you will have will just be me and some days when you are awful awful lonesome I want enough. Oh sweetheart if you just don’t forger how very very much I love you and much you are to me.

Take very good care of yourself dear and rest all you can before you are sick again, how I wish I was there to make you rest, for I know you would for me.

Feel my arms around you dear and the many many kisses I am sending you. Goodnight my very very own M_Girl.

Your D. Boy Geo.

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