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August 24, 1938.

Sweety Pie --

I am right back on the job again, feeling fine and hoping that you can report to me like wise.

Gee Hon, was the picture last night swell. I enjoyed it very much even if Ken and I did have to stand thru the whole picture.

You must be sure to see it when it comes to York. Don Amechee is marvelous in the particular part that he takes.

I am going to send a card to your mother to-nite. I guess you have heard from them since they came from Sproul, didn't you.

Ken is shaving now and I am next after him. Boy I sure do detest shaving when there are no other conveniences than a basin.

The woman where we are boarding is sick with a bad cold and she got our supper on the table and told us to help ourselves, then she went to the bed room to lay down. When I was finished with my meal I started to clean the table off and rinse the dishes but her sister-in-law came over to do it and I quit.

Boy, we will have to work hard to finish as the committee wants another coat of varnish on the ceiling. That will take approximately two days for 3 men, so you know we will have some hustling to do. Dad and I gave a price of $50.00 to d the ceiling which is a fair price.

On move day the committee was on hand waiting for us and some are pretty hard fellows to handle! (The Lutherans, who preferred the other contractor) I started to talk with them and told dad what I had in mind for him to do. Well, he was downstairs in the hallway and I was up in the main-room with the committee, after awhile dad said to Ken, 'Listen to that boy talk to those fellows. Just like an old timer. He's going almost as good as I could do."

Well the committee is "sweetened up" and they think everything is just fine so far.

Honey dear, my pen is about dry and I must get ready or they will leave without me and if that happens, you won't get a letter. can only mail in either Milford or Frenchtown.

(The pen started to throw a little more ink all of a sudden.)

All my love to you _ keep your chin up

As Ever --



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