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August 23, 1938.

Dearest --

I’ve been lying here for the last hour and a half answering questions from a “Quiz” magazine. It’s loads of fun. Out of 160 questions I answered 130 correctly but those are the ones in the front of the book and therefore the easiest. Instead of writing the answers in the book I’ve written them on paper so it doesn’t spoil it for you. Although I marked the ones I missed to see if you miss the same ones. This is the first issue of the magazine called the “Quiz Digest.” It doesn’t have the month so I don’t know if it will be a regular magazine or not. We will take it along to the mountains and do them in the evenings. There are over 1300 questions and answers in it -- and all for 10 cents! Yes, I said 10 cents. There’s one of them. What is the motto of the U.S.A.? Do you know?

Well, I got up around 9:30 this morning after enjoying a good nights rest, and immediately went out to mail your letter. It was so nice and cool I decided to take a little walk -- so I walked out W. Market Street a way and crossed the street and came back home. It was swell. So swell I got hungry and went on down to the “old lady’s” and bought ½ doz. Eggs and 1.2 lb. bacon. So that’s what I had for breakfast-dinner (not all of it). Greener gave me a piece of cake and I ate that with coffee. Then I washed my dishes and cleaned the fish bowls, changed the flower box from Weavers side to Stiefert’s side, cleaned the apartment and broke the sweeper. Wasn’t that a bushel all in one breath? Yesterday Greener’s iron that she lent me went “phooey” -- I don’t know what will happen tomorrow. After I finished cleaning I worked some more on my blouse, read the paper, took a bath and walked over town about the same time as last night. I went to the Ramona and got a ham sandwich and a coke. When i started home who should I see in the square but little Oscar. He asked me if I’m not back to work yet and if I’m not going back, etc. I guess we talked for 15 or 20 mins. He speaks much better than he did last time I spoke to him. I was really surprised.

Then I walked on towards home and who else should I meet but Ted Lelen’s kid sister, Louise. (Remember, we took her home the Saturday before I went away last summer?) She was visiting her girlfriend on Market Street. They were sitting on the porch as I passed and asked me to sit down with them. I was glad to because I was getting tireder by the minute. When I was rested I started home and they came along home and were here about a half an hour -- then went home. Now don’t get a swelled head -- but Louise, out of a clear sky, said to her girlfriend “Do you know who her husband looks like? Just like Errol Flynn.” And I hadn’t said a word. But I know what it is -- the nice hair cuts you’ve been getting! Ha! Ha! Oh, yes, speaking of haircuts -- did you ever know that Bob took poison twice? They last time they didn’t think he’d pull through. That was over two years ago, I think.

My, oh, my I have so much to tell you. Billy Miller is going to have a baby. Sat was her last at the store. I think she expects it in January. And guess who else is going to have a baby. You can’t? Well, get set for a shock. Bunny ears Hagen’s wife -- Marie Witruer! Can you imagine that!! Your dad knows her, so he may be interested in that bit of news.

My folks got home around 1:30 this afternoon but I didn’t go out because Daddy went to work at three and I knew Mother would be tired out so I just talked to them over the phone and told them we’d see them Sunday. They said Uncle Blair is better but quite thin. Outside of that there didn’t seem to be much news from up there. And that just about winds up the news in general for me, too. I really think I accumulated quite a lot in one for you. What do you think?

Don’t worry about me -- I’m feeling O.K. and expect to see Dot tomorrow -- also Mother Roth.

Last night I went to sleep saying “nowa” for you. It seems nice and cool tonight to sleep -- By the way did you feel any of the earthquake they experienced in phila. And Camden; or aren’t you near there? I’m certainly glad there was no serious damage as a result of it. (I soul say “them” since there were 3 or 4 quakes).

Good night, darling. I love you more than ever and miss you just as much.

Just your --


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