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August 18, 1918.

Dearest Mama and papa and Sisters

Will write you a few words to let you know I am well and feeling fine hope this finds you all the same. I hope you all have had some more rain there by now. I received your letter the other day. Was glad to get it. Who is the boys that is going to join the navy is many more of the boys leave there wont be no more left.

I guess there aren’t many left any way. Got a letter from Rex. Said he was well. And said he got my picture that you sent to him. I have been over to Oakland just got back a few minutes ago. It is some pretty place and the people is friendly. They make a sailor think he is at home. To show you all how they treat us boys I will tell you you don’t much more than get there when someone on comes along and takes you a riding then takes you home with them. And then they take you our to the show or any where you want to go. I claim that is treating us awful good don’t you think. I will go back to the Island this evening. No i am not going to school yet. I have been drilling. I am getting to be good at it. We get plenty to eat such as beans, fish, spuds, soup, steak, pork, eggs and ice cream twice a week. We sleep in our hammocks most of the time. Cody and Ragen is the same Barracks that I am and are drilling. Well about my horse I had rather you would sell him than to trade him for I need the money. I have learned a hole lot since I joined the Navy and won’t take any thing for I have seen. And I expect to see and learn a hole lot more. I may get to leave Mary Island this week. I hope so. If i do I will write you all to let you know where I am going from there. I hope I get on board a ship that is going across I am very anxious to get over there. I didn’t think a person would get that away but I am. Well I must close for this time. Will write you again in a day or so. Your loving son


P.S. You tell weenie and Brown that I haven’t got their letter if they wrote one.

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