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August 16, 1938.

Sweetheart: --

Here I am, just finished supper -- and oh! Swell & I had fresh peach pie.

Gee it sure was sweltering here today. Boy I hope that it wasn’t as bad in York, or you would have sizzled (and Madalynn too)

We have a nice boarding place. A young couple with a little boy (Arthur Paul) They have a little bungalo (w?) It is cute for out in the country so far.

No bath though! That’s bad for such hot weather. I am going to buy a towel tonight. Then I can wash up at the CHurch. Gee it sure is a swell Church for a country one Large and a nice big pipe-organ.

Yes, there is water at the church and soap so I’ll take my fresh up there and stink nice before I come to supper in the evening.

The whole crew is sitting on the porch waiting for Kaye.

I got out to the shop this morning at 3:45 A.M. Not bad, eh?

We are all going into Easton, Pa tonight. It is about 18 miles. Princeton 32. Easton must be quite a large place. It has about 6 movies they tell us.

Honey, we are going to make 10 hours a day, ain’t that swell?

Don’t forget to pay the car, get yourself ala-zane and say ‘now-a- and take real good care of yourself. Don’t that a large order?

The address is at the top of the letter and I don’t know what kind of mail service there is from here but I’ll write you again Wednesday nite.

Until then, all my love to you and best regards to all of your folks and our friends.

Good nite sweetheart,



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