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August 10, 1918.

Dearest Mama and Papa and Sisters

Will write you all a few words to let you know I am well. Mama got your letter yesterday was glad to get it was the first one I have got for some time. I don’t know why I can’t get my mail any more. Well I guess you all have been having a good meating there wish I could have been there how long did Oscar stay with you all. Papa have you sold my horse yet. And how much did you get for him. Well Mary Island is just the same old place. I guess old Hope is shore rough now since the other boys left who all was it that left. You know it seems like I have been gone from home a long time and it has just been a little over two months. Well I am trying to make the best of it I can. Have you all heard from Rex yet and where is he at.

Well I am going to put in for a furlow in about a month or so and I hope I can get it. Well I am getting to where I can drill like a real Sailor now. I like to drill. You ought to see me in these Sailor clothes. I am [unreadable]. Yes we have hammocks to sleep in all of the time and get good chuck to eat. So you can see I am pretty well off. I have got more suits than I ever had in one time before. I have five whites and two blues and a pair of dungeres. And all kinds of underwear. Well I wish I was there to tell you all about it. I could tell you things I can’t write. Well Veta and Belma write to me often as you can. For I enjoy reading your letters. Mama I must close for this time will write again in a day or so. Answer soon and write a hole lot. Forever your loving son,

A.N. Green

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