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August 1, 1939.

Dearest Kaye --

It just struck six o’clock over radio as I started to write -- and imagine today is the first day of August. That reminds me of what I said to miriam L. the first morning in Dr. Baker’s Hospital. I got awake, stretched and said “mm, if this isn't some place to wake up in May 1st”. Yesterday was three months since I went to the hospital the first time. Can you imagine that? Oh, I have something funny to tell you -- of course it won’t turn out to be funny if it continues -- but I can’t wear that brown and white striped two piece dress that has shorts to it too. I was going to put it on today and you should have seen that! One good thing it was old anyway -- in fact it was even patched. I don’t think I ever grew out of a dress in my life before. At least you’ll get a few paint rags.

Darling, when did you start working out of town? Will you be glad for the change or would you rather work around town? You’ll be almost sure to get on every out of town job since you are kind of chief decorator won’t you? You went on most of them, though ever since I know you, haven’t you? I’m so proud of you. Are you going to try pictures? You know it would be a good idea to start in that direction just as soon as you had time. After all that usually takes a long time to develop technique -- especially when one hasn’t had technical art training. One thing, you’ve been brought up in the atmosphere and have natural ability.

Today I got a beautiful card from Ann and Shiff with a flowered handkerchief enclosed. Wasn’t that nice? Have you seen them much since I’m down here? They surely were faithful, weren’t they?

Guess what! The Ink Spots just came on over WFIL Philadelphia. I sure hope they sing “If I Didn’t Care”. Oh here comes their next best -- “It’s Funny to Everyone but Me”. They sure do that all right, too.

You know I was telling you about the back medicine I take but forgot how often. I take it three times a day. It’s supposed to make more red capsules I think. Then I take two red pills a day. I kid them about giving me Carters Little Liver Pill. I got a treatment and an injection, today in the office.

The Doctor was kidding about my putting on weight. He said when I came here all I needed to was ink my back bone and I’d have made a perfect stamp. Different ones keep remarking how much better I look. Today George (the painter) said he thought I could stand 25 lbs yet! Can you imagine that Maybe I won’t need to just imagine it -- huh?

I’m anxious to hear what has been done at the house. Are you going to paint the living room wall or just leave it as is for a while? What about the door-bell chimes? I keep thinking about them -- then when i see you or write I forget - but I got it in this time. Sometimes I hope we can get a sewing machine. I just know I’d be able to make a lot of things. I even helped someone here sew a collar -- I mean make a collar -- and she does a lot of sewing.

How are all your folks? Tomorrow I’ll be thinking about Doris and Dick. What are Nat and Jim doing at their place? I’ll be they are busy every minute. Does Lee stay around the house or did they have to put up a fence? I’ll bet Neale and Franie have themselves a time when they visit the hill, don’t they? Be sure and tell Madalyn how much I appreciated her letter. She sure is a thoughtful kid.

I just don’t seem to be able to stop until I write on the back of the third page too. There must be a wee bit of scratch left in me..

Darling, I’m thinking already about Sunday -- and here it’s only Tuesday evening. I guess I’ll get a letter from you tomorrow - I didn’t get one Today so I’m sure to get one tomorrow. That’s an event in my life -- even when I get two a day from you. When i read your letters its just like hearing your voice -- I enjoy them so much. And I love you so much you don’t know how much you mean to me.

This morning I read all the enclosures of Sam’s letter and certainly enjoyed them a lot. The only one I had read previously was “The Weaver” but I was as thankful for it because its always been one of my favorites. I think I’ll keep it in my Bible so I always know where it is.

Goodnight, my Sweetheart. May you have refreshing sleep and pleasant dreams. And may the Lord guide your ever step. Hasn’t he been wonderful to us, darling? Again -- Amo Te --



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