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August 1, 1914.

Dear Boy,

I went down home yesterday and spent the afternoon, stayed to supper and until 9 o’clock and then the folks brought me home. We had a good long talk and your Mother doesn’t seem to feel the way I thought she would at all. She seems perfectly delighted about it. She is anxious for Uncle John to marry us too, or rather she said she thought it would be lovely.

Say Honey Boy, have you got that new gray suit yet? You know I was lying here in bed this morning thinking how you would look to me if I saw you coming up our front path and naturally that set me to thinking about whether you had a new suit yet or not. I just wish I could see you even in overalls Honey. You old Dear, I wish I could make you feel how lonesome I am for you, and especially when anyone says anything about “wedding”. For of course that and you are in my mind constantly. Do you know that I can’t think of anything that would make me any happier than to have our wedding day on Monday, for then I know I should see you tonight. Boy Dear I am getting most awfully lonesome. If I could only see you a few hours it would help.

Any Darling I am going down town to put this letter on the afternoon train and go to the store and get the chiffon for my wedding dress. I am not going to tell you anything about it Honey, only that it is cream or ivory tinted. That’s all you will have to know to get flowers, and I want it to be an entire surprise to you on our Wedding morning, which I can scarcely wait for, can you?

I dreamed of you all night and I don’t think you have been out of my mind more than five minutes all day. Honey Boy, I do love you so very very much. Mother told me to ask you down for dinner tomorrow. O D_Boy I wish you could.

What kind of printing paper is it we use? I cannot remember.

Goodbye Old Precious. I’ll write a nice, long Sunday letter tomorrow.

Lovingly, your (Nearly) Wife

Love love love

Kisses kisses kisses

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