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April 3, 1940.

Leoundeau Lawn

Weaverville, N. Car.

April 3, 1940

Hi there Betty,

Let’s see – the last time I wrote was just after I had come home from the hospital.

Well, here I am in North Carolina instead of Florida. The doctor didn’t want me to go so far away in case I should have to come home fast and besides, he thought it would be too hot for me in Florida. My cousin and her husband had spent 2 vacations at this place so they recommended it. Mother and I left New York on march 3 and arrived here March 4. Boy – was it fun on the Pullman cars. The berth was just long enough for me but I didn’t sleep much. I just lay awake listening to the train tearing along and being pleasantly jounced and bounced about. It was an experience. One time I was [unreadable] down washing my face when we rounded a curve – that was the nearest I have ever come to putting my head through a wall. After that , I just gave up and all ideas of shaving.

From Asheville we took a taxi to come the 9 miles to Weaverville, and found it just as good as my cousin had said.

Mountains surround us on all sides and the house itself is situated on the bottom slope of Hamburg Mt. to the North. To the West, South and East are respecitvely, Newford Range, Elle Mt., Great Craggy Mts. – all part of the Grat Smokey Mts. and not over 2 miles away.

The trip was made O.K. and I felt as good as ever 2 days after our arrival – a week later I had to go to Asheville and went by bus. It turned out to be the worst back-jarring bus ride I have ever had – not following the same route as we had in coming out. Coupled with that I was caught in a downpour and two days later I was back in bed with pleurisy.

However, the doctor down here thought I would walk all right, so I didn’t go home. But I have had to spend another 3 weeks in bed – today is the first time I have my clothes on. I am feeling quite well now – just a little discomfort every now and then. They have me strapped in about 6 years of 10 inch wide, flaming red flannel – the strapping to give my back support, and the flaming red color to cheer me up I suppose.

I guess that brings my story up-to-date, and you know now why I haven’t written any sooner.

But say – how about you? If I remember right your job wasn’t on way too steady legs at your last writing. How is your “status quo” and “e plueribus unum” – are you still [unreadable] company? – wow, what a low pun!

And how is it with the rest of the family? Please extend both mine and Mother’s best wishes and tell them we were asking for them.

At least we’re getting some of the “sunny South” weather. It has been cold right along Easter Sunday we had snow but for the past week we had have really warm weather. Its as though Summer were here – the formality of spring having been left out. Yesterday the temperature was up to 85 although today the sun wasn’t out. But then that’s to be expected as soon as I get up and out we’ll have a few more blizzards – it just seems there isn’t room for both the sun and I to be out at the same time. Someday I’ll win though.

This letter is being closed off sitting in a rocking chair – so please excuse the terrible chicken-tracks – the rocket shifts every now and then. I’m not yet able to sit at a desk and do my writing in the proper manner.

I hope this epistle finds both you and your family in the best of health and what is almost as important to you – that you are busy at work and collecting the old [unreadable] every week – even if you don’t have to use a truck to bring home your wages.

Write when you have the time and inclination.



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