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April 29, 1913.

My Own very own Dear Girlie,

12:00 o'clock but I can’t wait to tell you.

Today the Citizens’ Sate Bank of Slayton had a Directors Meeting in rooms of said bank, and upon motion by Mr. Boyman, Geo Tietma was elected Asst Cashier, with a raise in salary of $5.00 a month.

Ah! At least I am starting to get a few fruits from my hard winters work. You see Dear my work wasn’t all in vain.

This counts all the more because I did not ask of any it. They gave it of their own free will.

To night Mr. BOyman started to make out a yearly statement of our Profit + Loss accounts, and he got it all muddled up, so he turned to over to me and told me to make it out. I just go throu.

My own I would like to write more I must get to bed for to morrow is the last and I have lots of work to do.

Oh sweetheart I want so to hold you in my lap and have a nice long talk with you. Dearest you are coming home as soon as you can are you not? In a month from now won’t you Dear?

Well sweetheart I must roll on. Don’t forget your lonesome love sick Boykins Geo.

Oh Darling How my heart aches with love for you.

Goodnight my very own Dear Girlie,


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