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April 27, 1913.

My own Dear Dear Girlie,

What do you think of your Boykins now, you just think sweetheart that he has forgotten you all to gether, don’t you? But Darling you know he has not done that and that he could not if he wanted to. You wonder what I was doing last Sunday night that I didn’t write. The enclosed card will show you what I did in the afternoon, and that night I had to go to bed with a sick headache. I got my first lesson in a new art, I am testing (last Sunday.) and to night I have been working on it until now.

Oh my Darling Girlie how I longed, just ached for you to day you don’t know but you will in a bout a month from now when you get hear and I can tell you.

I can not wait for you to get hear. I feel as tho we were going to Be most awful happy this summer. Oh Darling if this month will only go faster. Oh Honey I can feel you in my arms now. And oh how I drink in the love light in your eyes.

Sweetheart why can’t I have you now?

What have you been doing this fine day.

Dear darling I was very sorry to hear you broke you Glasses, but you are where you can get them fixed up sooner than you could if you were here.

As to my looking Old sweetheart I feel as tho I was about fifty and if I don’t get some sleep soon I will feel as tho I was sixty. But then that is part of life, and to nothing when you get used to it.

My Darling I want to write a lot more, but I must get to bed now.

I don’t see how I can write any night next week for Wednesday is the 1st.

Oh sweetheart just one more month and I will have you in my arms again and I won’t let you go until you make me. I can just hear you say George boy someone will see us. And you know what I usually say when you say that.

Oh Honey I want you so.

My Own can’t you feel the love there is in my heart for you.

Goodnight my own Dear Darling Honey Girl, how I long for you.

Goodnight Dearest the only Girlie in the whole world for me.

Your loving lonesome

Boykins Geo

(Old Man)

I order a song “That’s how I need you” have you heard it?

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