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April 15, 1913.

My Own Dear Girlie:

I suppose you think I have forgotten you all together far from it Dear. If you only knew how my heart aches to have you here. To night dear we would be out enjoying the pure fresh air of spring.

Oh Darling how I long to have you in my arms, right by our ever Green tree, and tell you how I love you. Maybe you think I don’t love you any more, because I have not written to you for so long, but Darling you know I would have if I had time.

A week a go Friday Florence went, that Saturday night I didn’t count cash until 6-30 then I had to write up after that so, consequently I had to work Sunday, then Sunday night I took a bath, and washed my head and finished my work after that. I have been most awful busy all week and last Sunday night I was sick abed. Last Sunday night I worked until 12.

Florence came back to work this morning.

To day I washed windows put the awning, and took off the storm windows.

I ordered something for you, last week, Hon I long to give it to you and hear the little exclamation of surprise and delight. How I long to see the joy in your eyes, I hope I will see and hear this, and I think I will.

Someone in town is kind enough to keep me sported on the outside world. Here is a letter I got this morning, I guess they know I don’t have time to read.

One of the things that made me so busy last week was we took two new large accounts. The Slayton Auto. Co and L.A. Williams and Mr. Bennet is going to change his, they didn’t like the way Wack + Deinhert used them.

Dear Girlie as to me financial affairs they are getting behind. The following statement will you.

Salary $45.00 and no chance of getting any more.

Building Loan Dues 17.50

Insurance 25.80

Qt. Milk a dat 1.50

Donation 15.00

Ram Goat 5.00

Board 5.00

12 pair horse shoes 3.00

2 shirts 3.50


So you see I am 35 behind. I must work until Sept. 1st.

I don’t owe a cent in town or out except this so I will be alright by Sept. 1st.

My own dear Girlie I am starting to ache all over, so I must stop. This manual labor don’t agree with me.

But Sweetheart everything go alright to morrow I will write more then.

Oh sweetheart what shall I say to cheer you? You know sweetheart that I love you with my whole being, and that I am working for our future home and happiness.

Goodnight Sweetheart the only Girl in this whole world for me.

Goodnight Dearest

Your loving Boykins


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