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April 14, 1945.

Updated: Dec 25, 2021

14 April 1945

H.Q. U.S.A. 7.7.E. See 2C.

A.P.O. 501

Dearest Mommie, My Sweetheart,

Gradually working into things in my new set up. Drew rations and now have a well stocked larder including fresh meat. I always knew army beef would be good if cooked individually and swerved hot off the griddle. Tonight out Felipino cook proved that -- um um what steaks we had. Shucks, I’m beginning to like this. We tell the cook what to fix up for each meal and can pick our menu. But the best thing is a real dining room and table service. In a few more days we shall start entertaining. I’ll enjoy being host to Mayors and Governors etc. Of course there are no Martini’s around but native cocktails might suffice and Bob Ball’s cigars will top off the evenings. Not bad -- not bad.

Journeyd around abit today inspect our territory and shall take an all day trip tomorrow. It covers a very large area and I can see much work in many towns. I’ve placed your picture out on my office desk where all can see it and ask me questions about “Who is the cute little gal.” Then I pridefully say, “She is my Wife” and complete the phrase in silence with “and I love her dearly.” I’m wishing now that I brought the large photo along but imagine what condition it would be in? It would be bent moulded and beat up but I’d still like to have it smiling at me continually. The little one does the job as well and is much more practical for barracks bag travel.

The pictures of Marjorie are right in top drawer center and I pull them out several times a day to look at them or to show them to other people. I find that I get a great kick out of showing her off and the Filipionos respect fathers much more than single men. Maybe its because they are afraid of single wolfs. When I get a glass top for the desk I will “stickunder” my favorite “pin up girl” -- my daughter, Mommie.

Good night my love, don’t work too hard on the gard cleaning project. How will you ever raise grass there? It would be nice but a thousand little feet prevent it.

“I’ll be seeing you in all those familiar places That this heart of mine embraces all day thru In that small cafe, The park across the way, The children’s carousel, The chestnut trees, the wishing well, I’ll be seeing you in every, lovely summers day, In everything that’s bright and gay, I always think of you that way, I’ll find you in the morning sun; and when the night is new, I’ll be looking at the moon, But i’ll be seeing you.”

Goodnight Sweetheart,

All my love

Your Husband

P.S. Learned of President’s death yesterday. Deep tragedy and sorrow. Soldiers reaction very calm. They all know the U.S. will go majestically on without a hitch.

Your Love

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