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September 3, 1944.

Dearest Mom,

How’s my best girlfriend doing? I hope you are in the best of health and not worrying too much about the war. I got a letter from Manny to-day, and he’s in a pretty good mood. It can’t be too bad where he's at now. For a while he was in some pretty rough country. So was I. But everything is under control now. And we’re making the Germans holler Uncle.

Mom I’m glad you send out those packages. I haven’t gotten any as yet but I’m looking forward to getting them soon. Frances says you were in riding with her. I’ll bet she stopped ahead of time for those red lights, atta girl Mom. Keep her on the ball. You made a careful driver out of me. You can do the same for her. I’m glad you liked the pictures I send home. That haircut I had in one of them was given me by an amateur. It was really a mess for a while. I’m feeling fine, and looking forward to being home soon.

Don’t worry.

Your loving son,


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