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September 1, 1944.

Dearest Manny,

I just came back from a very strenuous game of bowling with the girls. I took Ruth with me and I shall record to you the score. Ruth 38, Pearl 89, Blanch 105, Sally 108, and Me 125. It was pretty hot out that’s why we all did so badly. I made a bet with the girls last week that I would get a very short haircut. The girls know that my bark is worse than my bite for they made me agree to buy each one of them a banana split if I didn’t have it you.t So tonight I had to treat them all. Next time I’ll learn to keep my big mouth shut. But all in all, we had a lot of fun. While Pearl was running down the alley with a heavy ball she fell and slid halfway down. Well I can really say I have never laughed so much in all my life. Did she start to curse. I made Ruth hold her ears. What a temper that girl has. We try to go bowling every week, but it is hard to get reservations. Lenny Smyle was here tonight. He wanted to take me out with another soldier and his girl, but I told him I already had an engagement, even though I wanted to go very much. One of the fellows whom I used to be quite serious with before I met Charlie sent me a letter stating that he is already on the high seas. I went with that boy three weeks ago. I certainly must give the Navy credit. They do things in a fast way. Bernie Gelman may go over any day now, but off course I know that the war will end soon, I hope.


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