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September 1, 1942.

Dearest Manny,

We are all feeling fine and hoping to hear likewise. Received your pictures today and thought they came out swell. I’m glad to hear that your out of the hospital, gosh you had us worried there for a couple of day’s. We are sending you another package in a few day’s, but not until you write a letter, and please state the things you really need or want. I just got one of those crazy haircuts every body is wearing, they call them featherbobs. You should see the way that sister of yours was driving me crazy to get one. Oh why on earth did I have my braids cut off. I look like something the cat dragged in.

Pop and mom are okay but miss you more than any words can express, but there’s nothing that can be done about it. I guess just wish that the japs + the germans don’t live to lay another hand on one of our American boys.

Well Hymie writes us that he is at Camp Upton and loves the Army food, oh yeah! Now he don’t dare call there meat horse meat or in the kitchen he goes doing K.P.

So long with Plenty of Love,


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