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October 9, 1942.

Dear Folks,

I arrived safe and sound, and am feeling fine. I got here at 8 o’clock this morning, after traveling for 72 hrs. We started 3:00 PM Monday and we got here at 8 Thursday morning.

Buckley Field is a nice place. The air is swell out here. Also the food is good. I wasn’t in Denver yet but they say its the best town for the soldier. I might get a pass for the weekend, and see some of the town. Carl Seewald is in a camp about 30 miles from here, I’m going to look for him in Denver.

Well how is everything at home? Did Many ship out yet? How is Pop making out?

We are slated for 9 weeks of training. From here I go to my permanent base. Boy I certainly did some traveling, I intend to do a whole lot more of it.

I was suppose to get paid in Florida, but being I was shipped, I didn't so I’m running short again. On November 1st I get $100 minus about $20. Send it by air mail. It will get here quicker.

I don’t have much to say about this place, as I just got here. I’ll write a long letter soon.


Address it Pvt H. Smith

770 Tech Sch. S.q.

Barracks #606

Buckley Field, Denver Colo.

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