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May 30, 1943.

Dear Smitty,

That phrase “I’m just no damn good” is very familiar to my ears, but for the first time I’m really beginning to believe it. Don’t blame the writer end of you -- because you just plain stink.

I could have written you long before, and was tempted to many times for old-friends sake, but I promised myself + kept it, that I wouldn’t write you until you wrote first. Well I see you’ve broken down but I guess it was your conscience.

For a time we thought you were over-seas, because you were good enough to inform us of your change of address, but never took the trouble to tell us you were still in the U.S. Remember the things you used to say about me, well Smitty dear, if I was sure no one could see this letter I’d say a few very nice things about you.

Everything is about the same since we last heard from you, except that Harold was rejected. If I told you why, you wouldn’t believe it, so I’ll just leave it at that. (His flat feet.) They gave up their apartment when he got his induction papers because we were sure he would go. But it seems things turned out differently, and since he may be recalled they are now living with us. Back to the old routine again. Harold’s brother is in the army about 3 months now at Camp Croft. S.C.

Izzie Gordon got married a little while back, but hasn’t been drafted yet. I think he expects to go in a little while.

Smitty, do you know a boy at Camp Swift by the name of Anthony (Tony) Lance? He’s very tall, blond - in fact a very good looking boy. He used to work in my office + since you’re both at the same place I’m wondering whether you know him.

Well best regards from the folks + Fay + Harold + keep well.


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