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May 11, 1942.

Dear Smitty,

I finally received your letters from Hix? Both at the same time, I’m glad to hear about your new job. How are you doing at it. I’m interested in knowing about everything. It makes interesting reading anyway. Nice work with Madeline? I hear you could do it. I betcha do the same with Adele. I met some school teachers we were invited Sunday to her house for dinner. Southern Fried Chicken with all the trimmings. What a meal? (she was also 30 years old) and she was the youngest. My bunkmates had the others who are older. I’m one of the youngest fellows here! Do we shoot crap + play cards like nobody's business. So bar him ahead! We only work half day Saturday I play indoor baseball the other half I kid around. We don’t work Sundays at all. The Jewish community of Columbus invited 50 of us Jewish fellows to dinner next Sunday + are supplying us with women. Those are the richest people in town. I’ll see what I can do with the young ones. Regards to your Folks + the kids. Let me know all the dirt. I’m off at 4:30 every day. They certainly got Southern Hospitality here and the women here are very human though the one’s I’ve met so far are older. But you got to be very careful + use precautions! You know what I mean? They make it very bad for you if you get in trouble. Millie wrote me in answer to my letter. How’s she treating you? Write me a long letter and tell me all the dirt.

Your Pal,

Private John Heller

Answer Soon.

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