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March 6, 1943.

Dear Manny,

Sorry I did not write any sooner. Guess I take after you, huh.

I saw your friend Helen in the ice cream parlor the other day. Does she need glasses? The reason I ask this is she kept staring at me and the friend I was with, and when I smiled at her, she turned around and walked out. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt and say she didn’t see me. I’d hate to think I was snubbed, especially by the likes of her.

I don’t know why I mention it. I guess it’s the cat in me coming out.

Well enough of that. Here is something I think you will want to hear. Mom took Ruth to a school of music and the teacher said that he detects great talent in our little brat. You mark my words. That kid is going to be famous someday. She was having some trouble with her teeth, so I took her to my dentist. He said she needs to have 3 teeth pulled and 8 filled. The poor kid is scared stiff.

Nothing new has happened here at home, except that I’ve acquired a new heart interest. He’s in the medical corp. Don’t get scared, he isn’t a doctor only a driver. I don’t know if I’ve written you about him. His name is Phill. He’s the guy who took me out New Years Eve and nearly got me drunk. But all in all he’s a pretty swell guy. Don’t start getting ideas, I’m still footloose and fancy free and playing the field.

Oh, what a dope I am. I almost forgot to thank you for that beautiful shawl you sent me. I really appreciate it greatly. And Pop is crazy about the hat. He says it makes him feel like a soldier.

We also received the $20. Don’t worry about your lots. We’re taking care of it.

If you want anything from home just write.

Guess I’ll sign off with love from all.


P.S. Would you rather I type my letter?

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