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Love Letter Stories.

Each month in our newsletter, we share letter stories from around the world. A few times a year we try to put together those stories in one place so that readers can enjoy them for time to come. Here are three love letter stories.

"Long-lost love Second World War letter returned to couple's son"

A Quebec woman renovating her new home had a love letter quite literally 'fall' into her lap. Thanks to social media McFarland's son, Bruce, was reunited with the letter from his father to his mother. Bruce's father died when he was just 12, and Bruce said that receiving the letter was a piece in getting to know his father.

"Wartime Love Story: Letters sealed away for 75 years brought back to life"

When veteran newscaster Melissa Swan discovered more than 100 WW2 era letters between her parents Sam and Mary in a potato chip can, she knew the story had to be saved. 'As much as are a love story, they're also a history lesson,' says Melissa on 'finally' reading her parents letters.

"Family cherishes Second World War love letters"

Some 115 Canadian WW2 era letters were between Frederick and his sweetheart, Ruth -- later his wife -- were discovered by their daughter. Married for 59 years, it was Fred's grandson, Billy, who transcribed all the letters. A great story about preserving family history!

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