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Kids & Middle-Grade Edition: Books About Letters.

Here at Flea Market Love Letters we believe that the letter has a long life ahead of long as kids learn from an early age just how special a letter can be to receive or write. That's why we're putting together this list of Kids & Middle-Grade age 'Books About Letters' to help you fill young readers bookshelves with stories about letters. We recommend co-reading these stories with your young letter writer.

Photo by Eliott Reyna on Unsplash

Kids: "Grandma's Letter Exchange" by Jacob Cramer

Jacob Cramer founded 'Love for Our Elders' when he was just 13 years old and today the organization does amazing work challenging elder isolation and more, all with letters. In 2024 Jacob's debut storybook "Grandma's Letter Exchange", the story of a little boy 'Jake' who learns about his grandmother's penpal, is 'perfect for 3-7 year olds'.

Middle-Grade: "Wish You Was: The Tiny Guardian of Lost Letters." by Alexandra Page

A story of whimsy and wit, "Wish You Was: The Tiny Guardian of Lost Letters" features 'Wishyouwas' a certain mouse with a special job...protecting 'lost' mail. When Penny Black catches Wishyouwas scurrying from her Uncle's post office with a letter...adventure follows.

Middle-Grade: "The Letter with the Golden Stamp" by Onjali Q. Rauf

Our heroine 'Audrey' in "The Letter with the Golden Stamp" has a big, big secret: her mom is sick. Every day Audrey leaves the house and acts that every thing is alright. That is until she learns of a miracle and sets to spend her precious stamp collection to make magic happen.

Middle-Grade: "Return to Sender" by Julia Alvarez

Award-winning "Return to Sender"  tells the story of two families living very different lives on one farm. When Tyler's family farm in Vermont is at risk of closing, his parents decide to bring in help. The help comes in the form of three Mexican brothers. Along with the three brothers, come three little girls -- daughters of the eldest brother. The girls have not seen their mother for almost a year, after her attempt to unsuccessfully re-enter the U.S. Told over the course of a year following the death of Tyler's Grandfather and his father's injury, Tyler and the eldest daughter Mari must learn to navigate uncertainty, grief, compassion, and empathy together.

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