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Jotting for June.

This June I am setting myself a challenge! I am writing a letter every day for the charity 'From Me to You' and making a donation to help fund the stamps it will take to send mine (and the some 800 a month the charity receives!) to individuals experiencing cancer.

Some readers may recall my '28 for 28' fundraiser in 2021 where for the 28 days before my 28th birthday I wrote a letter a day for the charity using a list of prompts. Well the prompts are back and better than ever! If you've ever struggled with how to start a letter or what to say to someone facing a cancer diagnosis, grab a pen and pick your favorite of the below and give it a go.

The rules are simple this time! Starting June 1st, I'll write a letter every day, lightly sticking to the theme outlined by the prompt. If I miss a day or two, I can catch up -- but no more than three letters a day if I fall behind. At the end of the month I will make a donation to From Me to You and post my bundle of letters off to the team in the U.K.

Would you like to join in? I'd love to see your letters and hear your inspirations. You can write your letters to friends, family, or complete strangers like me. Share your progress using the hashtag "#jottingforjune" on Twitter.

Get in Touch.

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