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How To Make a 'Travel' Letter Writing Kit.

Recently I was getting ready to leave for work and struck by the desire to write a letter, I put together what I call a 'travel' letter writing kit. A little, 'pocket' (if you are flexible on your definition of pocket!) sized must-have essentials set for the letter writer on the go.

In my 'go bag' for letter writing I have: stamps, a modest selection of postcards and greeting cards, washi tape, and stickers. With just a pen, a postbox, and this kit I am able to grab a half hour in a coffee shop to write a letter.

So, inspired by this I decided to take ask for fellow snail mailers to share their 'portable post' sets. And boy, did this wonderful thread grow legs! Thanks to all who shared -- I've tried to include all I could keep track of as they were flying in on the bird app.

Liz shared her positively purple post must-haves with the note: "This is my letter writing kit. I’d show you my sticker collection too but it’s a bit excessive and not entirely portable!".

Alexandra wrote "Here is my letter writing kit. I have recently found that the A5 writing pad with smooth paper like that from @ClairefontaineT is so nice so good to carry around with me. #writemoreletter, my address book says." to accompany her stylish snail mail flat lay.

Dinah, of The Handwritten Letter Appreciation Society, shared: "Feeling inspired! Would love to say I was organised enough to have thought this through but generally it’s a mad dash around the living room grabbing letters and stationery that’s to hand as we head out the door! Was pleasantly surprised I actually had stamps in my wallet! "

Kay wrote in with her photograph: "I have my writing case which goes on holiday with me. Purchased with a Boots gift token in the 1980s!" Being sure to add "Please mention the fountain pen too which I like to use for real letters (unless on the go and then it biro and whatever stationery/flier/receipt is around!"

V shared a sparkly and spectacular explosion of penpalooza, noting "I just happened to replenish mine last night! It's kept in a plastic wallet to protect from rain. Three regular stamps are good for international mail! #sendmoresnailmail#writemoreletters#penpalooza"

Mia made us all a bit jealous with the view, writing: "Not a full writing kit, as sometimes I'm not likely to have much time to write if I'm out on a walk. A few fountain pens (I have a penwrap now for them), an A5 pad, in a zipped thing that I bought from a charity shop, which originally came from WHS with quality bond paper in."

Rachel opened her office drawer with this Tweet, sharing: "Here’s the stash I keep at work, including stamped envelopes for birthday cards and a couple of postcards. This is my travel stash of washi tape. We won’t talk about the number of rolls I have at home."

Hol wrote from a visit to Manhattan from Massachusetts's: "Funny that you ask, as I am currently in Manhattan, writing postcards from the little kit I keep in my handbag!"

Flo upped the ante with their submission: "I usually take a pack of things on holiday to add to cards, to make new cards from: tiny glue, paper/washi tape (wound round an old credit card type library card), card, a few pens, maybe mini watercolour & if in UK some stamps, so they are pretty."

Jen in Australia shared: "Just woke up here in Australia to a tweet fest! Here’s my on-the-go letter-writing kit though it’s way too big for my handbag. In fact, it becomes my handbag! Handmade tweed pouch is from the Isle of Lewis. "

So there you have it folks! Whether it's premediated or completely accidental, put together your own letter writing kit for the road and get those letters out there!

Get in Touch.

Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed, let us know! Want to share a snap of your letter writing set up? We'd love to see. Send us an email:

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