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February 29, 1943.

Dear Manny,

We are all feeling fine and hoping to hear the same from you.

Tonight we had a very pleasant surprise. Toddy and Flora came up to pay us a visit. Did you know that Toddy can play the piano very well? Well she very kindly offered to teach Ruth all she knows. Wasn’t that swell of her. But Mom didn’t want to impose on her, so she refused. Ruth is going to taking private lessons soon now, anyway. Today and Flora are going to take Mom out a show and then out to dinner. I’m telling you they don’t make them any better.

It really is a shame that you don’t write to them more often. You know, if you don’t write to me as often as you should, and I don’t write to you, that’s all right, because we don’t need letters to show how we feel about each other. But try and write to your girlfriends a little more often than you have been.

Herman is coming home this week on a 24 hour pass. I wish you could come home as often as he does. Just when are you going to come home? Oh Manny, I don’t think you can know how much I miss you. That sounds funny coming from my doesn’t it? Remember how we used to fight? Well if you came home tonight, I swear you could beat the hell out of me, and I wouldn’t say boo. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder. A truer word was never said. But try to get this war over fast so that you could come home again.

I’ll bet you forget that great event is going to take place next month. The 24 of March to be exact. Well if you forgot, I’m not going to remind you.

I’m going to inclose a picture of Herman, Ruth and I. When you finish, you can send them back, because I know you have no room to keep them.

Well so long for now.



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