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February 17, 1943.

Dear Manny,

We are all feeling fine and hope to hear the same from you. Sory you did not hear from me sooner, but this time I did write, but you did not receive my letters. I, like the dope that I am, wrote you a letter and sent it to the wrong address. It seems to me that by now I should the address by heart. Well anyway, I wrote two letters and they both came back. By this time the information within the letter was quite outmoded, so I tore them up. Now before I send a letter, I check and double check before I send it out.

There’s nothing new back home except that after so many years Mom has gotten herself a job. She is working right here at 180th street. She doesn’t like it so much, btu she doesn’t want to show us that she is a quitter, so she is sticking at it. Today was her first day, and she was as nervous as a cat. It is now six o’clock and she already has ideas about she is going to the shop that she works in different. She says that after the first week she is going to ask for a raise. And don’t think she won’t do it.

Herman says that he is going to try for stripes. I hope he makes at least a Sergeant. Then all you have to do is boost yourself up to a captain, and we’ll all be set.

Say Manny, I’d like to ask you something. The other day in school I saw a girl wearing a sailor blouse and I asked here she got it and she told me that her brother in the navy gave it to ther. Now if you remember, you left a shirt home also. Would it be all right if I wrote it? I promise to take the best care of it. As soon as you send your permission than I will wear it, but not before.

I was very glad to hear that you might be shipped nearer East. But I suppose that was only a rumor, and now-a-days you can’t believe everything that you hear. Anyway, as soon as you receive further word about the shipment, please write and let me know all about it.

I’ve been keeping your picture album up-to-date. But why did you stop taking picture shots of yourself? Was it because you are getting too fat, or too skinny? Don’t let that stop you. You know that a sister always overlooks those faults. She only sees what she wants to see. Not like your girl friends. They only see what is on the print in front of them. But anyway, send home some more pictures. And while you are at it, send home some records too.

I don’t remember if I told you but that I joined the J.W.B. Well I did, and I received an answer saying that their are many more before me on the list, but that I should just be patient and wait until they call for me. When they call me for an interview, they want me to bring a character reference. Now where in the world am I going to get one of those. I would appreciate any suggestions.

Well I guess that’s all for now, so I’ll close with love to you from all.

Your sister,


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