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February 14, 1943.

Dear Milton,

I was really so happy to receive your letter that you made me feel well it’s a little difficult to explain but I felt that I had a friend who cared.

How are you kid? Yes, I too wish + pray that this war comes to an end. It destroyed so many lives and its so tough all around. I know you are working hard and the hours are long + tedious but as long as you’re on American soil, I thank God for that. I do want to see you again so much, so hurry + come back home. Yes, I know that I sound a little childish hun but I get in those depressing moods too. It’s rather tough for me too.

Saul has been gone for two weeks and it seems like an eternity. The going is darn tough where he is sailing and I haven’t heard nor expect to hear from him until he lands at his first port. But I write to him and sometimes I think that I am writing to the waters or thin air. I’m lonely too, and this is only the beginning. I expect him back sometime in June so I have a pretty long stretch. Nevertheless, I manage to keep myself occupied by going to the movies, reading and knitting.

Milton! I hope you don’t mind if I write to you as I would to a very close girlfriend but the truth of the matter is that I haven’t anyone to confide too. I haven’t what you call real friends and I spend my time with mother. So you see I am alone. Somehow, I was always able to make friends with the opposite sex rather than the fair sex. I don’t know why.

But please tell me what you don’t mind when I talk about my inner feelings + thoughts? There I go getting sentimental so I better cut it out.

How are you coming along? You too write me everything and don’ be afraid to start a second page.

I’m getting a little sleepy now and truthfully, I can’t wait to go off to dreamland where I can just drift by alone.

Write soon, won’t you?



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