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February 11, 1943.

Hello Milton,

Sorry I didn't write before this, but I’ve been busy getting set in this town. We finally found a place to live and now everything is going to be alright. For awhile I thought I’d have to back home. This place is overcrowded, there isn’t any space available. It seems as though all the soldier want their wives here. The town itself isn’t bad. It wasn’t hard for me to get used to it because underneath it all, I am a small town hick anyway. There is still some possibility that Ralph might go to Camp Dood. I know soon that might be, we have no way of knowing. You know how the army is. If he goes I’ll go too.

I was over to your house before I left. Everyone was just them. Your Papa is still working ery hard. Wish they would let up on him already. He sure can use the rest. Herman happened to call from Camp that night + I was able to speak with him too.

If you get the chance, drop me a line. I’d like to know whats new with you + what you’re doing.

Regards from Ralph,



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