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December 12, 1944.

My Very Dearest Sisters

I received your letter yesterday, you have no idea how good it makes me feel when I hear from home. Mom’s got a good idea investing in a 6 family home. I’m all for it, but not to close to the city. I like a place where its nice and quiet, where a guy could plant some flowers, and watch them grow. Yup Fran I’m going to get a pup police dog when I get back just like yo usaid. I never realized what I had back home, until I left. Sister I know now. Ruth how are you making it, if you’d only come out of your shell, but you have to beat the boys off, including me, honey I sure miss you. Fran what kind of outfit is Charlie in, do you know kid I’m jealous of that guy. Be better be good.


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