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April 25, 1943.

Dear Ruth,

Am getting along fine here at the hospital. To-day being Easter Sunday, the Salvation Army brought us some Easter baskets filled with candy and a hard boiled egg. The candy was good but I gave the egg to another guy. I also pulled K.P. in a ward where there are cripples and can’t walk to the mess hall. Its the easiest K.P. I ever had. Just work an hr. after every meal. I saw the doctor this morning, and it seems as though he’s pretty busy with other operations, so he told me he’d get me soon. I don’t mind the waiting because I’m getting to like this place.

Ruth, when you get the $10 check, take $2 for yourself, and let Frances have the rest, as she needs it to buy clothes. I think you will get the check this week.

Enclosed you will find a letter Manny wrote me recently. He must be in Texas by now. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be O.K.

Your Brother,


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