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April 25, 1942.

Proud to tell all my buddies that the 'Write More Letters' sweatshirt is one of the coziest Hello Smitty,

Today they had me as Fireman in 10 Bungalows (barracks) I had to keep the hot water boiler up to 190 and keep the heat boilers just going from 8 to 2. Once every hour I went around and put a couple of shovels of coal in the hot water boiler and I ducked away at 12 and they never new the difference or found me. They shipping me out tomorrow night (Mon. nite) to points unknown. It could be anywhere over the country. Our shipment is a very small one only 20 fellows. Probably when you get this I’ll be still riding on the train. (I got a hunch its very far away.) Thank God I’m going out of the Dix as they all say its so much better in your more or less permanent camp. I’ll write you as soon as I get to my permanent camp.

Give my regards to all your friends.

O. Jack Heller

Special regards to the Family + tell Sammy I’m learning fast.

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