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November 11, 1935.

Dearest little girl:

I am feeling fine this after noon am awful lazy and lonesome but have done very well about being blue this weekend so far had a little spell last night but went to bed and slept it off.

Hope honey you are feeling good again and have got over all that spell of blues for they sure are bad company.

Honey I would like to see you and talk with you a long time but for making plans I don’t know just what kind we will make for as much as I would like to be with you I believe it looks worse now than ever. Darling it wouldn’t be so bad to do like [unreadable] but we don’t know which way to go yet to find work and to tell the truth it is hard to find work in a strange place unless you do go with some body that already knows you.

Darling I sure can’t say where you should go with Devens or not but if you would rather be with them and they seem to like you and want to keep you it might be alright for a while altho I hate to see you going further away and am sure you don’t like to either for that matter you can go back to Onida but don’t imagine you would be satisfied there I know I will never be satisfied there any more unless you was there too but I sure hope I don’t ever have to go back there to stay for I sure can’t see any further there for me.

I am still hanging on here yet hoping for the best till I find out for certain what they are going to dow ork or quit but the way they claim business is picking up once the Country I want believe they will stop the furniture business unless Mr. Hagmeyer does pull out of the Company and if he does thats part of it is done there and believe he is going into wholesale lumber business where he is going and can’t find out for certain for they don’t want to say nothing about it.

I am still intending to try and still harder than ever to save ever cent I can get my hands on if I do get started out to work again for once any one gets a little saved its seems easier to add to it.

Darling I saw a good show last night the name of it was the Healer there is going to be one on tonight taken from the book the Keeper of the Bees you have probably read the book its on of the Geon Stranton Poters Novels. I don’t think I would like it much far I imaging there is a lot of love in it and that kind of picture makes me awful sad for when I see a lot of loving it makes me want to love and be loved a little and I am a long ways from the one who I want to love.

Dear I can truthfully say you have got a boy friend who is I believe one of the trust boys there is is if I am saying it for myself. I’ll bet you your self can’t believe I have been as good as I have when I am away from you but honey I still intend to keep it up for I think thats right to do that way for you have treated me nice and I intend to treat you that way.

I can’t think of much to say this after noon so I guess I will quit till another day.

Tomorrow is armistice day guess it will be wednesday before you get this I hate to see holidays come because I hate to have our mail mixed up and delayed.

Dear you asked if you said anything to hurt me in my last letter but not a thin and don’t worry honey you can never hurt me bad enuf to keep me from loving you no difference what you say.

With lots of love from the boy who loves you like the best in more way than you will ever know.

With best of luck and my love:

To the sweetest-girl on earth


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