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December 11, 1927.

Pheonix Arz.

December 11, 1927

My Dear Sister,

Your very kind letter came O.K. + must saw it was the most welcome letter I ever received + Johns two these letters held me up, as I had rec'd a telegram that Betty my trick horse, had her leg broken + would have to be killed at first it was all I could do to keep from screaming + you so kindly sending me that horse book.

I'm so upset. I saw her after they had butchered her + also her bride.

I don't want to talk to any one + I hope you have a nice Xmas I'm coming up to Georgia, that's all I can do. As soon I'm settled more I'll write again.

I am glad you are doing so well + hope you will continue so.

Rooming houses are sure making money here but they are such dirty holes.

But somehow I've got to earn some money, but will wait for a while.

Your loving sister,

Marcella R. Cole

Out here it's always smile, smile, smile.

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