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Photographing Behind the Scenes
Coming to Flea Market Love Letters (even

What Is Flea Market Love Letters? 


The Flea Market Love Letters archive project began in 2017. The present mission of the project is to archive and preserve found, vintage ephemera (letters, postcards, photos etc.) often sourced at flea markets. Collecting for the project is ongoing.  There are now nearly 300 letters in the archive, and that number is increasing.

Thank you for visiting. This project is at its core meant to build community; as a disclaimer this archive is done entirely without intention to profit. 

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A Selection of Letters So Far:

There have been over fifteen "series", or collections, of letters archived since the project began. Looking to familiarize yourself quickly with what we've shared so far? Or perhaps you're interested in a particular period of history? We've detailed a handful of series here but do head over to "Letters" for a more complete directory of the collection. 



"Sandy & Harry" 1940s & 1950s

The first letter series featured in the archive. Sandy, a young English 'War Bride' writes her U.S. G.I. Harry after WW2. Then in 1952 she returns to England with their two daughters for a summer to remember: Queen Elizabeth II coronation. 

"Jess & Bess" 1918 - 1919

The first WW1 letter series shared to the project. Letters to twin sisters Jess and Bess Frankenfield capture the atmosphere of a world at war and young people caught in the middle of great tragedy. In 2019 I returned to the house with a letter dated exactly that month 100 years prior. 

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