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Bringing history out of the attic
(and suitcases, shoeboxes & chests)

What is Flea Market Love Letters

What Is Flea Market Love Letters? 


The Flea Market Love Letters archive is a passion project that began in 2017. The present mission is to archive and preserve found, vintage ephemera (letters, postcards, photos etc.) often sourced at flea markets.

Collecting for the project is ongoing.  There are now over 700 featured letters and close to three times as many yet shared in the archive. That number is ever increasing.

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Featured collections

Featured collections

Vinatge letter and envelope form 1940's.jpg

1940's - 1950's

Handwritten letter from 1919


Write More Letters


In 2020 we launched the ‘Write More Letters’ Project to fundraise for U.S. Veterans and Military Families via ‘Hope For The Warriors’. We are so proud to bring awareness to the needs of Veterans and are grateful for their service.

100% of the proceeds from the sales goes to charity.

Old family letters

Have a letter story?

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