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September 5, 1943.

Hello Pa:

Received your most welcomed letter and was very glad to hear from you again. Glad to hear business was good there. Down in the Texas Jewelry business is very good also mostly they sell novelties. Yes, I received the money order and it came in very handy. You seemed to have read my mind perfect! Yes, I’m very glad to be coming home again. Of course my back doesn’t me as I put on, I could take all the work they gave me, because I had the back condition for 3 years without you knowing it, and I done my work allright then and even now. But you know I would rather be home with the family and I know you like it also!

No, I didn’t go to Houston, but to a fairly large town called Victoria. There were all Mexican population. I had a fair time there? It just doesn’t compare to Youngstown at all?

In my opinion Youngstown can’t be beat for good times. I hope to catch a plane from Houston to Cleveland, if I can get a seat. The Army gives you about $90 for travel and good expense! And I also get payed the other day, so I hope to have about $110 before I leave. In a way I hate to leave because I met boys from all parts of the country and they were sell! But home is best of them all! I’m going to get my old job back at the G.F! And buy myself a little coupe car of my own! Then I won’t have to bother you, unless you lend me your car? Think about it, Pop!

I’m still in the hospital and I got all my checking up done, but now all the Papers have to be signed by different offices. And there about 360 others Discharges so you know I just have to wait. The waiting around get me nervous? I’m fine also, I’m getting plenty of sleep now. I have the radio playing all day. Well, say hello to everybody. Hope to see you soon!

Your Son,


P.S. I’m trying to grow a mustache like you!

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