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September 23, 1946.


Please be an angel and fill in these forms– then return to me as soon as poss: I’ve been lining at the Embassy for almost 3 hrs – & boy did they kick up “merry hell” when they found that these hadn’t been filled in before. You see when I applied then, I just showed the lady the papers that were given to you in the Army– you know– the O.K. for marriage. 

Well she must have taken it that you were still in the Army– or something–now they really told me off– said I was liable to prosecution for false statements– and so forth. Anyway I managed to convince them that it wasn’t my fault and now its O.K. But they have taken my form (which is very important) until these are returned to them. So you will send them back to me quickly, won’t you dear? Then I can go up again– Thanks a lot.


All my love


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