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September 14, 1938.

Dearest: --

I was a little disappointed to write when I got here ‘cause there was no letter for me. Oh well, I guess I will get one tomorrow may be, huh?

I told you that O’coner was nominated for Governor of Md. on the Democratic ticket but my ‘info’ was a little pre-mature.

He and Jackson another nominee were tie with a 71 - 71 vote. Now the whole election depends on the third man. Which ever way he throw his votes nominates the man. Sort of a one-man election now. Bow, what he won’t get get in these ($) for his action.

Gee honey, I’m so well pleased with the way this job is coming along. It’s just as neat and the color scheme is different from our usual run.

Well Ken and I saw “Sonya” last nite. It wasn’t so bad but old W.Winchell wasn’t far off when he said ‘take her skates from her and you have nothing’.

Tomorrow morning Bill gets here and I’m wondering what he is going to say about the job. May be it will rate that delayed bonus. I hope so.

Honey, you know I plumb forgot to write a letter to C. W. Hill telling him I would send a payment on the Hospital account some time this month. I guess he won’t sell our furniture before I get home though.

Sweety I’ve run out of writing for this time and I will see you on Friday nite about 7:00 o’clock and will get supper on the way.

Until then, I love you.



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