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On the Hunt: Finding Flea Market Treasures.

Recently, I was back stateside and had the chance to go to one of my favorite places: a flea market! On a beautiful Sunday morning my parents and I loaded into my Dad's car and rolled off into Pennsylvania on the search for goodies. And boy, did I find some right off the bat!

My first score came from the table of a lovely older lady, who tallied up my finds to a whopping $2! Got some beauts of postcards from that dealer. I also got some very cool found photos that I'll be sharing out over the future.

I can't wait to get these photographed and up. Especially as I've had 2022 World Postcard Day (Oct. 1) on the brain this week! Very cool to be back buying in person again after almost 2 years of online acquisitions due to COVID.

It was a little while later, when we'd separated as a trio and we're exploring when my mom rang my dad to come quick! And bring Liz! She'd found an entire stall of...letters and postcards. Heaven!

It was at this dealer that mom was the one who actually found a very cool series of pre -stamp letters! These beauts (just a selection) date pre -1900s and are mostly legal arrangements -- unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a hidden romance! -- but are some of, if not the, oldest letters in the archive to date. Thanks to mom for the gift of these letters to the project. Another series I can't wait to get published.

I mean just look at the penmanship! It's beautiful and very cool to have this piece of postal history in the archive.

It was from the same dealer that I scored a random haul of envelopes and letters for $12! I'm telling you my flea market bingo card was well punched by the time we'd cleared out on Sunday by lunch.

So, so many goodies to be shared in the future across the blogs, series, and socials. Thanks to my parents who instilled a deeply sincere love for treasure hunting and continue to support without question and with serious gravitas, my think with old mail. Love ya, Linda and Paul. Flea Market wouldn't exist without the sense of wonder and curiosity they taught me to explore.

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