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October 3, 1912.

Darling Girlie:

Sunday is my off day. Sunday Morning I always get up with a headache as I did today.

Oh how I wish you were here I think I wouldn’t mind the headache so much, I would be so happy.

Friday Grandma and Aunt Emma came, First Bertha and Anna came into the bank then when I went home there was Grandma surprise I don’t express it, for I didn’t know what to do or say.

So I just took Grandma into my arms + kissed her and she was been kissing me ever since.

Oh Darling how I wishes I felt better I could write more but I can’t.

I am awful busy but I worked last night until 12 o’clock and I think I will have to all this week until about that hour.

My headaches Dear I can’t write any more.

Goodnight my Dear Dear Sweetheart.

Oh Darling I Love you So.

You Boykins,


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