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October 26, 1919.

Sabbath A.M.

Dear Alice,

Papa and Mrs Saggart have gone to Church -- it is a bright but cold morning -- the snow will soon melt I am sure with the sun. I am feeling nicely this morning -- was up or breakfast and have been working more than usual -- you ask if my arm keeps me from sleeping --- no I sleep firmly -- I only have 2 in just the right position. [unreadable] I am quite comfortable and think I am gaining -- that was surely an interesting wedding you had -- I did not know that [unreadable] ever allowed any one but a Catholic to marry them-- You surely had a nice time at Earl Orange. It was nice to meet the Russian pianist -- celebrate his acquaintance and you may get some interesting letters! Hope your laundry stike is over -- I am sure Harry will enjoy that Clergy club and fine there are many advantages in believing -- am glad you are where you can have so many [unreadable]. We can always get two pounds of sugar if we can get any but there are many days when we cannot get any -- we find it better to go for it on the morning -- I supper Bertha in Davenport today and will be there until the curb of the week when she goes to Chicago for a day or two. Show to Mr Fatherson’s father until she hears when they can have their how prominent for new girl -- will stop a day or two in Springfield Mass and one or two in Boston. Papa had a nice letter from Mr. Goodrich a day or two ago -- they had reached Florida and has taken a cottage furnished for a while at Lake Alfred where he has a friend. I will try and think and send in the next Conferb sample of Bertha’s girl and the lining the coat which i have [unreadable] together also the waist she had to go with it -- the girl under the [unreadable] she had before == they are all very nice but she was [unreadable] the broad cloth soap too heavy -- We were glad to get your letter yesterday as we always are -- with love for each of you and little Arthur we are pleased he enjoys his school so much.

From Mama

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