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October 13th, 1945.

[—-] Portsmouth, England. 

Hello Darling, 

Or should I say “hello stranger”? but thanks for your letter anyway Harry. You know it came as quite a surprise to me – quite frankly I didn’t expect to hear from you ever again– I was about to join the thousands of other girls that were “engaged” – until their fiances hit the U.S. 

Somehow I couldn’t quite believe that from you– to me you are the most straight-forward and right-to-the point man I have ever met– and ever want to.  I expect by the time you receive this you will be in “civvy ST” once again– and I want to wish you all the luck in the world in starting up business– whatever you do– I know you’ll make good at it. 

You know that pix you sent me was the best I ever had of you– and what do you think– Lillian sent me a simply wizard picture of Alan Barry– oh Harry! He’s wonderful– if they all turned out like that I wouldn’t care if I had a dozen - (well! not a dozen exactly). 

I can just picture you pushing Alan Barry around in his pram– I’d have given almost anything to have seen the sight, by the way– you might have a snap taken with hime at some time or me if you please!! 

How are the Tootsies progressing? I hope they are playing a fair part in enabling you to get your discharge. 

Now! Getting down to facts dear– I read your letter through – and couldn’t quite make out by the tone of it if you really want to wait. I guess it would be about two years ‘fore we would finally wind up together– and I am going to be quite frank and tell you just what I think– then I hope you will do the same. Firstly dear, I am prepared to wait any length of time– because i have decided that if I don’t marry you then I am going to take up a Secretarial Career–  I’ve met all the men I want to and wouldn’t give tuppence for a bunch of them. For preference of my Career would be one where I could perhaps travel to another country– and which would mean more study and brushing up of languages.


And next – about your being Jewish– I don’t care what you are darling– and I’m ready to change my religion for you at any time – and any kids would be brought up the same– that’s if you want me!! As for me marrying an English Boy– that’s definitely out– my husband has to be Living! So being frank, it’s you or no-one. 

Please don’t say you will wait if you are not absolutely sure– because this is one thing that we both must be in on– you realize that a marriage couldn’t work out otherwise– and sooner or later the one that was not sure would gradually drift from the other– So please think it out very carefully and make perfectly sure of yourself. 

I’ve told you exactly how the whole thing is with me– now it’s up to you, wether or not you are certain. Don’t think that by being uncertain you will ruin my whole life– but please be certain in your decision darling. 

There would be no fear of me changing my mind because I love and trust you Harry – and always will!

Well there it is old Boy! – I’m in no hurry– I have lots of time– after all I shan’t be twenty for another six months– so you see I’m still just a kid!! 

Harry…when you see Alan Barry please give him a big hug for me and tell him I think he is wonderful. 

I’m really tired so I’ll say goodnight and slide under the sheets– write soon and have fun! 

Goodbye now

All my love, 


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