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October 13, 1946.

Dear Harry, 

Sorry I didn’t write and let you know I received the papers O.K. dear– but I’ve been down with food poison– in fact all four of us have. We’re all fine now though– so on with the news. 

The “gen” arrived O.K.– and next week I’ll take a couple of days off and go up to town again. I shant send any of these forms by Post– because I know what’ll happen if I do. 

I’ve been in touch with my agent (he’s the chappie that’s trying for my passage) and he informed me that the latest is the shipping company cannot promise an early passage– that is to say within a couple of weeks– but I am to get my passport & visa all fixed up– so that I can be on call when anything turns up. 

I’ll have to apply for my medical too– get that over with. Harry– are you really sure that you want me to come over? I mean– if you aren’t quite sure, and you would like to get “dug in” a little more– I’ll wait until maybe the Spring– you only have to say dear!!!

I also received your other letter too– and the answer to your question is a definite “NO”– [….]

Tomorrow evening I have a “civic do” on– its to do with winning that wretched competition —they are holding a dinner & dance at Le-on-Solent and I have to be presented– I shall feel such a nut too!! They are having them in all different parts of the South this month— so it will mean lots of late nights for me (which I’m not used to any more). 

You know whislt I was sick– I received a most gorgeous box of candies from Lollie– they are really scrumptious too– well! That is to say they look it because I haven’t had any yet– but I’m starting on them tonight– and probably be back where I started from– but its worth it!

Boy!….the meat shortage has really got hold of you hasn’t it! The papers here are full of it. We still get our shillings worth and two-pennyworth of corned beef a week. We always save our ration till the weekend though–would you like a schedule of meatless receipes?– they’re killing!!

My latest now is how to make a fatless cake– and the remarks I’ve received are too rude to print! 

Well dear guess I’ll close for a day or so!

Write me soon


All my love


P.S. Say hello to all–

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